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By Crispin Fletcher-Louis

The fruit of twenty years research, Jesus Monotheism lays out a new paradigm that goes beyond the now widely held view that Paul and others held to an unprecedented “Christological monotheism.”

There was already, in Second Temple Judaism and in the Bible, a kind of “Christological Monotheism.” But it is first with Jesus and his followers that a human figure is included in the identity of the one God as a fully divine

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About the Author

CrispinDordogneCroppedCrispin Fletcher-Louis (D.Phil, Oxford) is the Director of Whymanity Research and Training. He has held posts at King’s College London, and the universities of Durham and Nottingham. He was the founder of Westminster Theological
Centre, where he served as the Principal until 2012.

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  • File Size: PDF: 2.7 MB; EPub: 1 MB; MOBI: 1 MB
  • Print Length (PDF): 388 Pages
  • Published: August 2015
  • Digital Edition Publisher: Whymanity Publishing
  • Digital ISBN-13: 9780993317200
  • Paperback Publisher: Wipf & Stock (
  • Paperback ISBN-13: 9781620328897

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