Jesus Monotheism. Chapter Slide Decks

These slide decks accompany each chapter of Jesus Monotheism. You are free to download and to use these in public presentations and for educational purposes, to adapt, add to and change their content, but not to reproduce, distribute or publish them.

© Crispin Fletcher-Louis.

Volume 1

Chapter 1 PowerPoint            Chapter 1 Keynote

Chapter 2 PPT                        Chapter 2 key

Chapter 3 PPT                        Chapter 3 Key

These chapters coming soon:

Chapter 4 PPT                         Chapter 4 Key

Excursus A PPT                       Excursus A Key

Chapter 5 PPT                         Chapter 5 Key

Chapter 6 PPT                         Chapter 6 Key

Chapter 7 PPT                         Chapter 7 Key

Excursus B PPT                       Excursus B Key

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